Building & architectural stainless steelimg othersectors

  • Architectural stainless steel
  • Outdoor art, objects and decor made from metal such as the recently
    completed "Number One" stainless steel sculpture at Heuston South
    Quarter supplied by Accutool
  • Stainless Steel building systems and related products in the glass wall
    manufacturing area  (compare picture of spider components)
  • Extruded Aluminum sections cut and welded
  • Connection cleats and systems
  • Tooling related to manufacture specialised sections

Defence Sector

Our warehouse carries more then 200 line items for supply into the military defense
industry, such as specialised gear boxes to use in rough terrain, hardened and
ground shafts for high quality breaking systems or products used in simulated
training modules.

Other outsourced processes such as anodising, irradiating, chromium coating,
nitriding etc. are managed by our QMS ISO 9000-2008.

Accutool is approved by leading manufacturers of aircraft engines
aerospaceregarding machine engine components which are controlled by
the Federal Aviation Authority. Moreover our components
undertake certain remanufacturing patented fixs to air worthy
parts under license. This is a highly regulated sector which requires
annual Quality Audits with strict adherence to quality and procedural issues.

Accutool also supplies ground support tooling for various workshops
associated with the maintenance of Aircrafts such as test fixtures for
hydraulic landing gears.

Typical materials machined in this sector are Inconel and Alloy 718 which
are difficult to machine.


We have comprehensive experience in providing machined parts underOil and Gas 
contract to the high standards that the Oil & Gas industry requires.
Our dedicated machining centers and skilled craftsmen offer competitive
pricing, quality parts and on time delivery. Accutool sources and
machines castings for suitable components in this sector as well as
materials such as carbon steels, austenitic and martensitic stain, Inconel,
Beryllium Copper and many more. We also manage outsourced processes
such as heat treatment and finishing processes by certifying our
subsuppliers processes and systems within our ISO9000 QMS.

Delivering engineering solutions to Clean Rooms, Sterilization Depts, Purification areas,
Laboratories as well as quality & inspection departments. We manufacture production 
biopharma1equipment, change parts and provide storage shadow boards and carts to protect such parts.
Our Engineering Dept’s qualified staff have installed and modified production equipment
and infrastructure in Clean Rooms on projects that saved potential losses of millions
of Euro per year in process downtime.


Design, Fabrication and Installation

  • High Grade custom-made Stainless Steel products
  • CIP process improvement projects giving saving on WFI
  • Product Blending Machines and workstations
  • Process & packaging Equipment Shadow boards
  • Bio reactor kit trolleys
  • On-site extensions to A/B air curtain areas
  • In Clean Room modifications of process equipment

Design Services

Our technical sales workers visit your firm to help and support your engineers on-site
biopharma2establish the required efficient solution. They consult your engineer and user groups to
optimum results. We make quotations with outline drawing, CAD Drawing or 3D
presentation and produce in agreed quantities. 

Furthermore, Accutool offers follow-on engineering services including as-built drawings,
material certification and traceability as well as surface finish testing and certification.

Typical Materials we use

Stainless steels:
Types 304, 316, 316L

Acetial, Nylon,CPVC, Textron, PEEK,Ketron®PEEK


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