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Our Contact Tracker Wristband is available in two formats. #covid-19 which can be set up for the H&S our your staff if you would like a demo please let us know


  • Stand-alone distance alarm, i.e when 2 or more people come within 6 feet of each other the buzzer/ Vibrating device will sound. It alerts each person to withdraw to a safe distance however it does not feedback through a server to collect data
  • Software backed version which allows contact tracking and tracing through allotted unique numbers being given to each person.


● Contact tracing system

.● Social distance vibrating alarm

● Comfortable wearable device with Bluetooth Low Energy advertising and scanning roles

.● Privacy guarantees

● Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 chipset, low power consumption

● Rechargeable internal lithium battery

● Integrated battery protection.

● RGB LED, bracelet status and battery level indication.

SpecificationsBLE version BLE 4.0/ BLE5.0Social distance alarm

Built-in vibrator LED RGB LEDProtocol

Custom encrypted protocolContact detection range ≈2 m - scans every 10 secondsBLE communication range ≈20 mBattery Lithium rechargeable battery.

Battery capacity 100 mAh(Around 5 days of a lifetime)Working temperature -40ºC - 70ºCIP rating IP67

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