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Accutool is approved by a leading re-manufacturer of Aircraft engines to machine engine components. The process is controlled by the Federal Aviation Authority and we are approved to undertake certain remanufacturing patented fixes to airworthy parts under license. 
This is a highly regulated sector requiring annual Quality Audits with strict adherence to quality and procedural issues.


Stainless Steel Anode Stack component

Accutool also supplies ground support tooling for various workshops associated with the maintenance of Aircraft such as test fixtures for Hydraulic landing gear. Typical Materials machined in this sector are Inconel and Alloy 718 which are pretty difficult to machine.                 





Accutool was selected as the winning tender to supply Gatwick Airport with baggage handling/transport equipment and are a qualified vendor to the GAL group i.e. to the City of London Airport, Edinburgh Airport & Gatwick  



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