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Happy Christmas everyone, just an update here, on the annual maintenance on Santa’s Sleigh. Besides the usual buffing up and polishing of the ski runners and a bit of paint here and there, we replaced the wooden footboards with Solidworks-designed PVDF plastic ones & had to make a few small Tig welds to the stanchions on the Titanium frame as is normal every year. We also CNC machined hardening & tempering carbon steel linkages to upgrade elements of the traces that connect Rudolf & the reindeer team. We 3D-printed new front and back lamp lenses, designed to intensify the spotlights as Santa searches for a particular address. Finally using one of our QMS-approved vendors we organized to replace the red leather seat covers.
The sleigh has now passed our Quality control departments' checks and it is fully ISO 9000 certified for the big day, We hope the man in Red brings you and your family all you wish for this Christmas.
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