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Areas of specialisation include:Sub assembly

Electro-mechanical assembly

  • CNC machined components are assembled 
  • cast & forged parts integrated 
  • Sheetmetal stamped & formed components assembled
  • extruded metal particularly Aluminium
  • plastic parts assembled welded and glued

Industry components 

  • the electronic assembly of cable & harness and functional test
  • energy
  • liquid gas
  • industrial valve and related valve assemblies
  • water supply sub-components
  • communications and PLC integration 

After we have manufactured many of your subcomponents, take
advantage of our mechanical assembly cell to integrate assemblies or
subassemblies ready for your final production line.

Our service allows our customers more time to focus on the more complicated final assembly of a product.
Accutool can build together almost anything from basic gear sets and gearboxes to more complex mechanical assemblies such as electrical meters, gas meters (liquid and gas), valves, and many other small to large sub-assemblies.  

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