Industry Sectors


Delivering engineering solutions to Clean Rooms, Sterilization Depts, Purification areas, Laboratories and quality as well as inspection departments. We manufacture production equipment, change parts and provide storage shadow boards plus carts to protect such parts.


Accutool is approved by leading manufacturers of engines to produce components controlled by the Federal Aviation Authority. Moreover to undertake certain remanufacturing patented fixes to airworthy parts under license. This is a highly regulated sector that requires annual Quality Audits with strict adherence to quality and procedural issues.

Oil and Gas

Oil and GasWe have considerable experience in providing machined parts under contract to the high standards that the Oil & Gas industry requires, our dedicated machining centres and skilled craftsmen combine to offer competitive pricing, quality parts and on-time delivery.


OrthopedicsFor more than a quarter of a century, Accutool has been manufacturing orthopaedic implant parts under strict quality, regulatory and confidentiality conditions.


Semi conductorWe manufacture alternate Wafer processing components, consumable parts for Wafer manufacturing machines, and vacuum centring, locating & cleaning components. The materials we use for these applications are Titanium, Stainless Steels (Types 303, 304, 316, 316L) PTFE and PVDF as well as ceramics.

Food and Beverage

DefenceStainless steel tanks, Machines, Process Equipment, Conveyors, Filling and Packing machines, Spraying and Mixing Technology, Cleaning Equipment and fluids, Stainless Steel Mechanical equipment, as well as spare parts for the above.

Other Industry sectors

DefenceAccutool provides solutions to many other sectors like the Defence Sector, Robotics manufacture and subassembly, architectural stainless steel and the Electronic sector.